The Art Of Positive Affirmations - How To Use Positive Affirmations Successfully

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Positive affirmations, to some, are bogus words that life coaches convince you to believe whereas many others view positive affirmations as a tool of strengthening self-esteem, confidence, and self belief.

From my study of affirmations, I have come to see it as a tool for not just refueling ones belief but as a mechanism of rewiring the brain.

We are creatures of practice.

If you smoke for long enough, you will become addicted and reliant on nicotine.

Similarly, if you exercise every day for a month, it is likely that you will continue to exercise every day without fail.

It's devastating that so many of us battle from anxiety and depression. 

You could take action every single day of your life, have success and loads of money but you could still be feeling absolutely miserable. The brain is a beautiful and powerful organ but it is not designed for happiness.

Thoughts of negativity can quickly and easily plague your entire life if you let it. Once it does, it will continue to do so regardless of what you choose.

But, I strongly believe that positive affirmations have the tendency of rewiring the brain when they are applicable to you, compounded with complimentary action and said from a place of real belief and honesty.

'I am successful' is not going to do anything for someone who is unsuccessful, lazy and desperate for a change. Neither is such a person in a position to be affirming that he or she is successful.

Doing so could send the wrong message to the mind.

However, if such a person were to positively affirm his belief in working hard and that he is successful in that respect, the effect could be tremendously positive and impactful.

I'll give you an example.

Whenever I'm working out and getting tired, I simply affirm that I am fine. "I am strong. This is easy. I can go for another 10 minutes."

That simple affirmation makes me believe that I can go longer and I end up pushing harder for much longer than I normally would.

Sometimes, all it takes is hearing affirmative words out loud to solidify what we already believe.

With that being said, I'd like to share a few principles to remember when practicing positive affirmations.

How To Use Positive Affirmations Successfully:
  • Only use affirmations that are applicable to your situation.
  • Sincerity trumps generic words - believe in what you are affirming.
  • Repeat your positive affirmations religiously.
  • Attach meaning to your words - say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Act on your positive affirmations

If you stick with the above mentioned 'rules', you'll do superb with positive affirmations. The concept is simple and it's something you've heard time and time again. It's lasted the test of time because it is effective.

Here's a few of my positive affirmations that I say and act on each and every day:
  • "I am strong. This is easy. I can go for another 10 minutes."
  • "I am better than I was yesterday."
  • "Today I will do something of significance successfully."
  • "I will be the hardest working person in my field of work.
  • "I am in control.

Short, simple and sweet. Nothing in that list is fluffy BS. I believe in those words and they are not unfounded. I have worked my butt off to cement the belief I have in my own abilities. Positive affirmations are a reminder of who I am and who I will become. 

I will be a winner.

And so will you.

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