How Standing On Your Own Two Feet Builds Confidence, Freedom And Self Esteem

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Independence, self-preservation and maturity are all concepts that define Adulthood.

The inevitability of leaving the nest can be a scary thought. It's no mystery that the world is a very big place with all sorts of good and bad in it.

For us to thrive as human beings, a sense of identity, apart from being someones child or parent, is undeniably crucial.

Although, the duty of finding a place in this world rests on our very own shoulders.

It could be a heavy burden to bear - one you may not have signed up for.

However, if you step up to the plate and plunge into the unknown with the intention of developing your identity, well then, you'll discover the true meaning of confidence, freedom and self-esteem.

Confidence and self-esteem isn't what you see on TV or in movies. You don't have to be unnaturally flamboyant or vocal about how awesome you feel. Confidence, in any given situation, is intrinsically motivated.

When you enter the world as an individual, the challenge of carrying yourself off in a respectable and responsible manner influences just how confident you will turn out to be.

By meeting deadlines, producing high quality results, placing an emphasis on performance, attempting to complete challenges by yourself and gaining experience through trial and error,  you are setting up to build a version of yourself who is confident, free and self empowered.

When you put in the work to be the best and you behave like the best, you will become the best. It is an honest reality in this world.

On the flip side, the individual who shields himself from challenges and reduces his effort to the bare minimum achieves sub-par results. He simply cannot be confident because his actions disqualify him from achieving the level of confidence he desires.

It's a sad reality that such a person chips away at his own self confidence. The results or lack of progress is not what contributes to a low self esteem. It is the inability to apply yourself and take action with true vigor and focus.

There is no feeling like being able to wake up in the morning and knowing that YOU belong on this planet. A runner up would be the feeling of knowing that everything that you have in your life is and was earned by your own hard work.

You are the creator of your kingdom.

No one can steal from you the feeling and experience of accomplishing your dreams, achieving your goals, paying yours bills, earning your money and celebrating your wins.

When you finally stand and begin to walk on your own two feet, nothing in this world will come close to stealing away the confidence, freedom and self-esteem you have earned.

It's an undeniable fact.

Age does not matter. Start early or start late but make sure you start. That's what matters. It's never too late to craft a new identity for yourself. You could have wasted a decade but in just a year you could make up for the time lost.

A loser can always become a winner.

You can!

Don't believe otherwise.

The power to change your entire life rests in your hands. And when you have such power, how can you possibly question your ability to feel confidence, freedom and self esteem.

Prepare yourself to be independent. Forget about being comfortable - there's nothing of value in a comfort zone. The true valuables are waiting for you in uncomfortable situations.

Put yourself out there, embrace the uncomfortable, endure the discomfort, persevere through it with hard work and quality actions, and you will grab hold of achievements like never before in your entire.

It's a beautiful experience that never ends for as long as you keep moving forward.

I know you've read and heard advice on building confidence and self-esteem but the most effective way (also the most uncomfortable and challenging way) is to stand on your own two feet by leaving the comfort zone and taking action like the person you strive to be would.

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