How To Be Happy Again By Letting Go Of The Past

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Happiness is a gift.

We take it for granted, often ignore it, but when moments of conflict and worry arises, happiness is all we wish for.

But, without sadness, there is no happiness. Everything would become normal. That sounds like a boring excuse for a life, am I right?

A common problem many of us face, including myself, is the inability to move on from the past. They say past experiences are meant to craft us into stronger, smarter and happier people but when we latch onto people, things and events that are no longer in our lives, our ability to find a reason to be happy in the present slackens  and grows invisible.

I feel your pain. This has been a challenge I've struggled with overcoming for many. many years. But. what I've come to understand is the importance of filling up my life with as many experiences and events as possible.

In life, movement is mandatory. Regret hinders movement.

Staying still for too long only has adverse effects.

They go so far as to say that when you stay still for too long, life will leave you behind. In such a case, the only substantial difference one can make to drastically improve their life and experience happiness again is to move forward and accept regret by letting it go or compartmentalizing it.

Let Go Of The Past To Feel Happy Again

Find reasons to seek out happiness.

For me, family and goals are the reasons I use to channel happiness. There are times when I hit slumps and ponder about the past but I constantly remind myself of the things I still want and need to do. Directing all my attention to these important things keeps me from being stagnant and thinking about the past too often.

Let go of the past.

You lived it, you enjoyed it or you hated it. Irrespective of what happened, you are responsible for the kind of future you want to lead. It can be overrun by the wounds of the past or it can flourish from the lessons learned from the past.

The biggest lesson I learned from the past is to never take the present for granted. One day, this moment will become the past and if you weren't truly aware of it, you'll end up wishing you could come back to this exact moment.

Don't make the same mistake again.

Try as much as possible to show up and be aware of everything happening around you right now. Live it truthfully and wholeheartedly so that one day this moment right here will be a moment you channel for happiness rather than sadness and regret.

I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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