What Is Happiness And How Can I Make Myself Happier?

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Happiness is a journey.

It is a state of being designed by what you imagine to be the best feeling in the entire world. Happiness, like every other feeling, is fleeting. There's no such thing as a person who just feels happy all the time or just feels depressed all the time.

Happiness is easily mistaken for instant gratification. We think by eating a gooey chocolate brownie or by spending all our money on branded clothes, we're making ourselves feel happy. But, that's not how happiness works.

What Is Happiness?

I'm not about to define a state of happiness that is universal. I'm actually asking you to tell me what is happiness. Tell me, in your minds eye, what do you see when you think of being the happiest version of yourself?

What are you doing in that happy scenario? Are you surrounded by family? Do you find yourself running your own company? Are you pursing a career in the arts? Where are you living? Who surrounds you in this happy scenario?

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Happiness is defined by your desires, beliefs, values, memories, expectations and fantasies. But, are these things in sync with reality?

I often ask myself this question. This fantasy, will it actually make me happy or am I painting a version of it that could make me happy?

Some people yearn to be with a specific person. They honestly believe that individual is their perfect match...in their mind. But, in reality, if they were to pursue a relationship, their vastly contrasting personalities may make them feel miserable.

When trying to figure out how to make yourself feel happier, it's a great place to start by readjusting your fantasies and desires with reality. Take a good long look at what you think will make you happy and be as critical as possible.

Often, you'll find that what you think will make you happy wouldn't truly make you happy. In such a case, you can start searching for a reason to feel happier with what you have, who you are and where you're headed in life.

Life, after all, is a journey. The destination does not matter for as long as you haven't figured out how you want to embark on this journey.

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Just because another man drives a Ferrari, doesn't mean you need a Ferrari to feel true happiness.

Happiness is closely tied to what you value as an individual. Ask yourself honestly, are my values in the right place? Should I shift my values from a constant thirst for material items to a hunger for experiences with the people I love?

I believe a great way to find happiness is to indulge yourself in a number of different hobbies and passions. I absolutely love to write whereas my sister is an expert at DIY Crafts! Turning a colored page into a magnificent origami is what ignites happiness within her heart.

Personally, happiness is being with the people I love and being able to laugh. Not having the fear of impending death or tragedy is happiness to me. Small things like being able to eat a good meal at the end of a long day makes me happy.

When you readjust your expectations for happiness from large to little wins, you'll be happier in life. Take notice of the blessings in your life and feed off all the joy they bring to you.

It's a recipe for a happy life.

I hope you enjoyed this piece on happiness and I wish you all the luck in life.

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